In 1965 Nicola Di Froscia, who had several years of expertise in marble working, decided to establish his own company.

At first the company was more of a little lab where he took the first steps as a professional together with his wife Nicolina. In 1977 the lab became a much bigger company that not only dealt with marble-working but widened its offer to also include bathroom furniture, kitchens, ceramic and wood. This is how ‘Di Froscia Marmi and Ceramiche’ was born.

It is thanks to Nicola’s sons, Rosa and Enzo, that the company reached excelent standards by combining together years of artisan skills and the most innovative technologies. Thanks to their dedication, today Di Foscia snc offer its knowledge and professionalism through various projects and work with worldwide professionals in the field.

For the past 50 years, Di Froscia proved being a dynamic and modern company always striving to be at the forefront of the research and experimentation of new materials and innovative methods. Di Froscia aim to turn an idea into a concrete project and also add values which are based on the ancient Italian tradition.

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